Our Privacy Policy familiarizes our visitors with the actions we undertake regarding their personal information once they are browsing our website.

What information we collect?

  • We collect information regarding your behavior while browsing our website. This implies details such as viewed pages, resources accessed, traffic data, communication data or location data.
  • We collect information you provide at your own will. This type of information includes any info you might enter upon purchase or registration.
  • We collect information you provide during conversation or any other form of contact with our stuff.


Cookies are special pieces of information, stored on your hard disk, that provide data about the computer or Internet use of our website visitors. Cookies are used exclusively to improve our website performance according to your own behavior and computer’s specs. does not disclose any of information collected via cookies to the third parties. Note that none of information collected identifies you personally – this data is used only and only in statistical purposes.

Disabling Cookies

All the cookies can be prevented from being stored on your hard drive. This is easily done by changing your browser’s settings. You are NOT obliged to receive any cookies from If you, by any case, find yourself uncomfortable for receiving cookies from our website, please decline cookies as otherwise we will assume that you voluntarily accept our website’s cookies.

How we use your information?

All of information we collect from you is used exclusively to enhance or to solely provide our services to you. We use your information in following manners:

  • To familiarize you with the information regarding products and services we provide.
  • Upon your appliance, we will use the very same information to provide you with details on additional products or services that might be of interest to you. Note that this kind of information is only provided upon your appliance.
  • To keep you updated regarding changes, additions or enhancements regarding our website, services or products we provide.

Moreover, if you have been purchasing products or services from our website this information might be used in purpose of promotion other, similar, products or services that might be of your interest.

Upon your appliance, we are allowed to provide the same above mentioned information to selected third parties who will again provide you with offers of products and services that might be of your interest. Upon your request, no information will be disclosed to third parties.

Personal Data Storage

Once you have provided your personal data to, you agree to our personal data storage policy. This policy implies top security measure regarding data encryption and protection.

Moreover, we don’t and cannot take any responsibility for any data package interception. Each time you decide to send us information pieces electronically you do it at your own risk.

Keeping Your Information Safe

We oblige ourselves to keep your personal information secure and not to disclose it to any third parties than mentioned above in this Privacy Policy. However we leave ourselves free to disclose pieces or whole information in following circumstances:

  • In case of sale of the part or whole website to the third party.
  • In case where Fertile Digital is legally required by law to disclose your personal information.
  • To improve and obtain fraud protection or reduce the risk of the same.

Third Party Links

Should you visit any third party links, which will occasionally appear on our website, we are not responsible for the third party website’s privacy policy. Before disclosing your personal information at any third party website, we advise you to check on their privacy policy.